Mabbu9 Studios
Cloud Game Developer
Mabbu is the Telugu word for Cloud.
We Build Cloud Apps and Games
We specialize in JavaScript, NodeJS, HTML & CSS.
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  • Nitin Sreeram
  • Sai Teja Jammalamadaka
  • Pranathi Birudugadda
Mabbu9 was an idea we had during our training at MissionRnD.
Checkout 5120 for Android on Google Play Store: 5120 : The Tile-5 2048 Game
We are currently experimenting with the concept of virtual office space. Why does anyone need an explicit big and bulky office when developing apps for the cloud?
(C)2015 - A Nitin Sreeram Production. (ideated by Sai Teja Jammalamadaka, special thanks to Pranathi Birudugadda)